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About the film

Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic is an investigation into the world of online grooming and sextortion--a present-day reality for one in seven children online. By unsealing the federal case of a top-gun pilot with hundreds of victims, and interviewing survivors and their parents, this true-crime piece exposes an often-overlooked crime against children, the tactics of online predators, and the voices of parents and law enforcement poised to stop online child exploitation in its tracks.

the hidden pandemic
With unique, unrestricted access to government files, victim families, and investigators, Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic uncovers the hidden world of online enticement and exploitation of children--and what we can do to stop it.

About the film

“Sextortion” documentary is an expose into the world of online grooming and sextortion that is a present-day reality for 1 in 7 children online. By unsealing the HSI case of a top gun pilot with hundreds of victims, and interviewing survivors and their parents, this true-crime piece opens the eyes of the viewers as to how and why this cyber-crime against children is becoming pandemic.

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"Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic" shows the staggering scale of grooming and delivers a powerful message on its negative effects of grooming on victims. I am determined to work with public and private sector stakeholders to help tackle this challenge and better protect children.”
Ylva Johansson
European Commissioner, Home Affairs
"Sextortion: the Hidden Pandemic powerfully brings to life the human impact of this truly global crime. It is required viewing for anyone who wants to ensure children are able to explore and enjoy the digital world safely. Through providing a space for both those working to bring abusers to justice and survivors of abuse to share their incredible stories, it offers a compelling argument for increased action and investment in this crucial area."
Iain Drennan
Executive Director, We Protect Global Alliance
"Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic is a must-see documentary for everyone. Sexual predators have found a way to extort children in the privacy of their homes. They don't need a key to get in; just a device connected to the Internet. They secretly coerce their underage victims to produce sexual images, to have sex with them or give them money. At the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children we see the devastating impact of these crimes every day."
John Shehan
Vice president, Exploited Children Division The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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